A History of Customer Service

TPA was founded in 1991 as a financial advisory and accounting firm. Today, we provide consultative services to U.S federal and state government agencies, and international development organizations and private enterprises. Tai Pedro & Associates, P.C. is a global management consulting and certified public accounting (CPA) firm, focused on providing superior financial advisory, management consulting, global development and information technology services. TPA, meticulously conforms to project specifications and adheres to project schedules while providing a broad range of performance-based services founded on commercial best practices. We are a customer focused firm with a deep tradition in providing consultative support services in an agile, efficient and flexible manner.


  • Process Driven: We believe in process design and continuous improvement, and we practice it every day in the development and delivery of services to our customers.
  • People Centric: People are the core of what we do and who we are, and we work hard to develop and retain our staff knowing that continuity enhances quality; the result is one of the highest retention rates (98%) in our industry.
  • Customer Focused: Nothing makes us happier, nor is anything more important, than the satisfaction of our customers. We work hard every day to develop management and communication practices to assure we attain your goals.